Laser Hair Removal

How it works?

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Laser Hair Removal is the process of exposure to a specific wavelength of laser energy onto the skin. Laser Hair Removal works by focusing on a particular wavelength of laser power on the skin. The pulse of laser energy is brought to the melanin (pigment) of the own hair that then converts to heat in the origin of your hair follicle.

The follicle warms to a critical temperature in which it becomes cauterized, destroying the follicle and preventing future hair growth. Our specially trained personnel goal the hair follicles in their active growth phase (anagen) in the time of therapy, that is the only hair period which Laser Hair removal is effective at destroying the cells that make a hair.

Fotona’s Nd:YAG lasers incorporate revolutionary pulse-control technology along with a proprietary three-dimensional therapy routine to give safe and efficient hair loss. Contrary to other wavelengths, just Nd:YAG is safe to use on all skin types.

Fotona’s advanced system efficiently targets surface treatment places while leaving surrounding cells unaffected.

Who is Laser Hair Removal for?

Laser hair removal works for people of all skin types as we use Fotona Laser Technology, but people who have fair skin and dark hair have a tendency to find the best outcomes. Hairs grow at different speeds, so laser elimination takes several treatments to eliminate all the hair completely. The hair development cycle entails three phases, and the laser is only effective once the hair is at the active development stage. Multiple treatment sessions (spaced out with several weeks) to ensure that every hair is ruined when it is growing.

Collins Laser also provides mens laser hair removal and also women. We provide everyone with a free consultation to access your skin and what treatment plan is right for you.

How permanent is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting form of hair removal that damages or destroys the hair follicle.

However, the hair may regrow, particularly if the follicle is damaged and not destroyed during the laser hair removal procedure.

What Areas can we target with our Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

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At Collins Laser Aesthetics we can target the following areas:

Comparison to other hair removal techniques:

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Laser vs IPL:

IPL machines produce a broad spectrum of pulsed light wavelengths such as a light bulb. This wider array usually means that just some of those wavelengths will aim the hair. Laser Hair removal machines create one wavelength of light. This implies it is a very concentrated beam that has especially target the pigment from the hair follicle. In Collins Laser Aesthetics, we use Fotona Lasers which can be adjusted to various settings to operate with specific hair colors and skin tones. This has the benefit in that lasers may be safely used on dark skin since thanks to the capability to fine-tune the capsules, the heat will be absorbed by the hair follicle, not skin.

Laser vs Waxing

Waxing temporarily removes hair at the basis for a mean of 3 weeks of smooth skin, that may vary between two to six months based upon your hair type and thickness. However, the disadvantages of waxing are that it demands some regrowth so as to work since the wax requires at least a quarter-inch of stubble to adhere to. Treatments can be somewhat debilitating, as the hair is being ripped out in the origin, but it grows more tolerable with time. Waxing can also lead to ingrown hairs.

However, with laser the aim is for long term hair removal in all areas. Once you have completed your laser treatments you do not need to wax anymore.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

People wishing to have laser hair removal treatment should always employ a fully-qualified practitioner. But some individuals might experience minor side effects.

At our clinic, we ensure that all your laser hair removal treatments are done in a professional and safe manner. We provide a free consultation to make sure that everything is safe and that laser is the right treatment for you.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits


  • Reduce Shaving Rash
  • Reduce Unwanted Hair Permanently
  • Achieve Silky-Smooth Skin
  • Safe & Effective
  • Cheaper Than Waxing in the long ter

Laser Hair Removal Before & After

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Check our our complete guide on preparing for laser hair removal. 

  1. You need to shave the area 24 hours before your appointment. It is mandatory and without shaving, we are unable to treat the area. If you prefer to have the shaving done by us then a small fee may apply.

  2. It is not recommended to not have  sun exposure, tanning, solariums and fake tans at least 4 weeks prior to your treatment .

  3. It is not recommended to  wax, pluck, or remove hair by the roots, as the root must remain in the follicle in order for laser treatment to be effective.

  4. Please do not use deodorant and moisturiser before treatment so that  your skin is clean and ready for treatment.

  5. Please  inform us before your treatment of any medication you are taking.

Please feel free to talk to our experienced Laser therapist for more information.

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