Skin Needling Treatment in Melbourne

A common skin treatment that Collins Laser Aesthetics offers is safe and effective skin needling Melbourne in the CBD area and nearby areas of Parkville, Emporium, QV, Glen Iris, Richmond, Toorak, Brunswick, Highpoint, Carlton and Docklands. Check out some skin needling before and after photos.

What is Skin Needling Treatment?

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Skin needling treatment in Melbourne is a therapy designed to invigorate the body’s natural procedure, to enhance the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles, tone, and discolouration. Occasionally known as Collagen Induction Treatment (CIT) or derma rolling or derma pen facial, the process utilises multiple fine needles that produce microscopic punctures in the skin. All these punctures stimulate the release of hydration of the body to cure the wounds and stimulate the secretion of collagen.

How does Skin Needling  Treatment work?

During the skin needling treatment, the device slides softly across your skin, penetrating the layers of skin closest to the surface, of a thickness of around 2mm to make numerous needle wounds. The skin needling treatment encourages the body to answer through the production of elastin and collagen fibres. Since the skin reacts, it plumps and thickens, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars and fine lines. The punctures during the derma pen facial cause only micro-trauma to your skin, which requires almost no downtime after the skin needling treatment, given in Melbourne.

What conditions does skin needling treat?

  • Mild to moderate acne scarring
  • Surgical scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Pore size and skin texture
  • Keloid scarring


skin needling benefits

The face is the most common place for skincare remedies, but other regions of the human body are able to enjoy good Skin Needling Treatment results as efficiently, such as the hands, neck, back, and torso.

This also makes it an exceptional remedy for Stretch Marks or Scarring from surgeries or harm physically. Extremely effective in small localised areas along the cheek lines and areas around the mouth, skin needling treatment can help improve skin over a depressed scar to naturally plump up. The derma pen facial skin rejuvenation treatment is acceptable for any skin type and colour, and it is ideal for people seeking to enhance skin texture and stiffness.

The main benefits are:

– Improves the Effectiveness of Participating Ingredients

Skin-needling treatment in Melbourne sends the participating ingredients from your treatment to the innermost layers of your skin, thereby enhancing product efficiency immediately.

– Increased Communication Between Various Skin Cells

Transports signals which help in increasing the communication existing between the cells in charge of maintaining pigmentation, the barrier function, elastin, and collagen within the skin.

Skin Needling Acne Scars:

skin needling acne scars

Skin Needling treatment or derma pen facial is one of the best acne scarring treatment and we recommend it to any patient who has moderate to mild scarring as it triggers the natural healing process of your skin.

Skin Needling Side-effects:

Like most procedures, micro-needling does induce some side effects for your skin. The most frequent side effect is skin irritation and redness. However, this usually goes away after a couple of days.

Call your Physician if you detect more side effects as these are really rare, for example:
– Infection
– Bruising

We do recommend for people with pregnancy, using Accutane, have open and have certain skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema to not undergo skin needling.

If you are unsure – please book a free consultation with one of our specialists so we can see if skin needling treatment is right for you.

Skin Needling Melbourne Cost

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Does Skin Needling Hurt?

does skin needling hurt

For most patients, skin needling treatment does cause some irritation. To help with this irritation, we apply some topical anaesthetic cream 30 minutes before the treatment to minimise the pressure felt from the derma roller. You may also experience some slight sensitivity for the first 24-48 hours on your skin.

Recovery time:

After your treatment, the average recovery time for most patient is 3-7 days and you will start seeing results after a week.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments vary for each patient but you will need up to 3 treatments, once every 4 weeks to get optimal results.

Is there a clinic in my area?

If you would like to discuss our skin needling treatment in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact our Laser Clinic in Melbourne CBD today.

Contact the expert team at Collins Laser Aesthetic, Melbourne’s leading laser and skin treatments specialists, to learn more about skin needling treatment in Melbourne and arrange your FREE consultation.